5 Simple Rules for Office Survival

Feeling like you’re drowning? That you don’t meet the boardroom standards?  Don’t worry;  you aren’t alone.

I asked a leader in her field her advice on how to survive the office and it boils down to this:

do your best, be authentic, and believe in yourself.

  1. Work is fucking hard. It’s ok to work your way up, not love every minute, do things you don’t enjoy. It’s all important learning.
  2. There is no perfect organization. They all have flaws and most have redeeming qualities. Figure out your deal breakers when you’re evaluating opportunities.
  3. Your company is not your family. Period. You can love and respect and build your relationships with your colleague but the company’s job is to preserve itself and you need to advocate for your own best interests.
  4. Figure out what fulfills you- what gives you energy and what takes energy from you. Make sure you don’t have more things taking energy than giving energy.
  5. Careers are long and not always linear. There is not one way, not a right way, not a best way. Stay true to yourself to figure out YOUR way. And comparing your career path to other’s is not a helpful benchmark.



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